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Posted 10/25/2014 in Useful Websites, Javascript, PHP

Free Tool: OpenGraph and Meta Tag Sniffer API

We made a tool to help ourselves check opengraph and basic meta tag information on sites. Should help give a good idea of what some of the big social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest see when they scan a site. Read This Article ›

Posted 08/06/2012 in Tips And Tricks, Guides and Information, PHP, Code Snippets

Free Code: ReCaptcha Form Validation With PHP

A friend of mine asked me for a quick and simple way to add ReCaptcha to a contact form on her site. For demonstration purposes, I created a form from scratch and tossed ReCaptcha's PHP API onto it. Read This Article ›

Posted 05/26/2012 in PHP

PHP: Automatically Remove Slashes From $_GET or $_POST Data

It's a very common issue when dealing with PHP to see escaped quotes from POST or GET data. For example, your input of Max's test input would become Max's test input once sent to the server. Read This Article ›

Posted 04/18/2012 in PHP

PHP Unserializer

Posted 07/17/2011 in PHP, Code Snippets

Free Code: Find The Total Line Count Of A Folder Using PHP

I was looking for a way to quickly see how many lines I had coded for a project. This will use a recursive function to loop through a directory, scanning for any php/xhtml/css/js files and counting how many lines they might have inside. Read This Article ›

Posted 02/08/2011 in Guides and Information, PHP, Code Snippets

Quick Guide To PHP Loops

I receive a LOT of questions about loops and how/when to use them. Hopefully this will answer a few of the basic questions. I'll add more to this as more questions come in. Read This Article ›

Posted 02/03/2011 in PHP

PHP MD5 Encoder

Here's a quick and easy MD5 Encoder. MD5 is not meant to be de-coded, so it is good for storing passwords and private information you may need to use to verify a user, or even for generating secure keys Read This Article ›