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Posted 02/08/2011 in Guides and Information, PHP, Code Snippets

Quick Guide To PHP Loops

I receive a LOT of questions about loops and how/when to use them. Hopefully this will answer a few of the basic questions. I'll add more to this as more questions come in. Read This Article ›

Posted 02/03/2011 in PHP

PHP MD5 Encoder

Here's a quick and easy MD5 Encoder. MD5 is not meant to be de-coded, so it is good for storing passwords and private information you may need to use to verify a user, or even for generating secure keys Read This Article ›

Posted 02/03/2011 in Tips And Tricks

Disabling The Link On YouTube's Embedded Video Player

Sometimes you might want to prevent your users from clicking through a YouTube video away from your site. This code snippet will stop that from happening. Read This Article ›

Posted 01/19/2011

Simple PHP Auto-Update System

I managed to make this script in about two hours. I hope I saved somebody some time with it. You can download the source files below with an example of a simple update I might put up. Make sure you format these files to work with your system. Read This Article ›

Posted 12/04/2010 in Tips And Tricks

SEO Friendly .htaccess 301 Redirects

Quick and easy htaccess code snippet to save you some negative points when doing website redesigns or changing filenames on your websites Read This Article ›

Posted 12/01/2010 in Tips And Tricks, Guides and Information, .htaccess

Forcing File Downloads With htaccess

I was asked how we could force a user to 'download' a file without using php to alter the header. This htaccess script will force users to DOWNLOAD anything a folder, rather than viewing it in their browser. Really useful when you want to do things like music downloads, image donwloads, etc. Read This Article ›

Posted 11/30/2010 in Useful Websites

Make Your Own 'Like Us' Facebook Window Decal (PDF)

A business I work for has one of those fancy 'Like Us' decals on their window, and I finally got around to finding out just where they managed to grab it. It looks like Facebook had sent them out to businesses a few months back to help up marketing, but has since stopped production. For now, you can make your own with the file here: Read This Article ›

Posted 11/04/2010 in Tips And Tricks

Removing Unnecessary Line Spacing In Dreamweaver

Posted 11/03/2010 in Useful Websites

Free Social Networking Icon Pack

This is purely a NICE set of social networking icons for you to use on your site, your clients site, etc. It is my favorite icon pack as it goes with just about any template you throw at it. Enjoy. Read This Article ›

Posted 09/05/2010 in Useful Websites

Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack

The Dreamweaver CS5 extension allows Dreamweaver CS5 to take partial support for the latest HTML5 tags and capabailities. Read This Article ›

Posted 09/05/2010 in Useful Websites

The Best CSS Sticky Footer Layout

This sticky footer solution is working in all major browsers, including Google Chrome and IE 8! It works with floated 2-column layouts and we don't get overlap in resized browser windows unlike older solutions you find when you Google sticky footer. You don't need an empty push div or cleafix hack. Check out the elegant solution and learn what sticky footers are here: CSS Sticky Footers Read This Article ›

Posted 09/05/2010 in Useful Websites

A Beginner's Guide To mod_rewrite

I'm often messing with mod_rewrite to get my site up and running as optimally as possible. It allows you to not only remove those nasty query strings from your URLS, but you can redirect pages and directories, remove the www. from your url, and do a bunch of awesome stuff totally behind the scenes. Read This Article ›

Posted 08/13/2010 in Tips And Tricks

Reset Primary Key (ID) In Database

I've been asked this numerous times, so I decided to post it. If you are databasing and find yourself either clearing your table, or moving a databased program from site to site, you may notice that clearing the table out does not reset the PRIMARY ID number. Execute this SQL to reset that number. Read This Article ›

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