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Free Code: ReCaptcha Form Validation With PHP

A friend of mine asked me for a quick and simple way to add ReCaptcha to a contact form on her site. For demonstration purposes, I created a form from scratch and tossed ReCaptcha's PHP API onto it. » Read This Article

PHP: Automatically Remove Slashes From $_GET or $_POST Data

It's a very common issue when dealing with PHP to see escaped quotes from POST or GET data. For example, your input of Max's test input would become Max's test input once sent to the server. » Read This Article

PHP Unserializer

How To: Quickly Add a New PHP Extension Via SSH

Had a developer friend ask me how to do this the other day - figured I would post it here on the site » Read This Article

Easily Open A TCP Port On Your Stock cPanel Server

I had to open a port to utilize a merchant services gateway, FirstData. If you want a REALLY easy way to do this, without SSHing or doing anything technical, follow the steps here. » Read This Article

Free Code: Find The Total Line Count Of A Folder Using PHP

I was looking for a way to quickly see how many lines I had coded for a project. This will use a recursive function to loop through a directory, scanning for any php/xhtml/css/js files and counting how many lines they might have inside. » Read This Article

Stop Cron Jobs From Automatically Sending You Emails

If you use a lot of cron jobs like I do, you tend to have some that you would like automatically sent over, and some you want to just let run without ever sending you an email and clogging your inbox. This line can be added to the end of your cron job command to stop the command from sending an email out and off to you: » Read This Article

Google's New +1 Button

Google released it's new +1 button and has provided yet another way for us to tie into the social media experience. » Read This Article

Quick And Easy SEO Tips

A few quick and easy tips to aid you when gearing or simply preparing your site for future SEO work. I tend to follow these principles when designing any site - whether or not I'm gearing it for SEO. » Read This Article

GoDaddy Coupon Codes (Updated 4/4/2010)

GoDaddy coupon codes, cause we're all poor students. I pull these from an excellent post on » Read This Article

.htaccess Trick: Redirect www Visitors To Your Non-www Site

If you want to completely remove the www. from your domain name when visitors visit your website, place the following code snippet into your .htaccess file. » Read This Article

Awesome Firefox Plugins For Web Developers

I do a LOT of support for other developers, newbies and advanced. One of the biggest questions I get is 'What the hell did you just do!?'. I have a handful of awesome Firefox plugins that I like to use to make myself more efficient when it comes to building and debugging websites. Check out what I like to use. » Read This Article

How To Convert A Video To An FLV And Create A Flash Player For It Using Flash and Adobe Media Encoder

Student requested this one - he has a movie file ( .avi ) that he wants to upload to his website with controls and a player for his visitors to be able to watch. » Read This Article

Fix YouTube iFrame Overlay and Z-Index Issues

YouTube's new iFrame player is a nice refresh to the old embed method, but if you are placing it on pages with content that overlaps or overlays on each other or uses things like lightbox, you may notice that the videos appear on top of content. » Read This Article

Starter Guide To Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are essentially mini sites on facebook for your company, organization, or even hobby to live on. They allow your business to get out there into the world of social media and integrate right into the facebook user streams » Read This Article

Quick Guide To PHP Loops

I receive a LOT of questions about loops and how/when to use them. Hopefully this will answer a few of the basic questions. I'll add more to this as more questions come in. » Read This Article

PHP MD5 Encoder

Here's a quick and easy MD5 Encoder. MD5 is not meant to be de-coded, so it is good for storing passwords and private information you may need to use to verify a user, or even for generating secure keys » Read This Article

Disabling The Link On YouTube's Embedded Video Player

Sometimes you might want to prevent your users from clicking through a YouTube video away from your site. This code snippet will stop that from happening. » Read This Article

Simple PHP Auto-Update System

I managed to make this script in about two hours. I hope I saved somebody some time with it. You can download the source files below with an example of a simple update I might put up. Make sure you format these files to work with your system. » Read This Article

SEO Friendly .htaccess 301 Redirects

Quick and easy htaccess code snippet to save you some negative points when doing website redesigns or changing filenames on your websites » Read This Article

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  • Mosair Gomes commented on Simple PHP Auto-Update System: In my case is giving some errors, could someone explain step by step to make the source files work? look: 04/02/2014
  • commented on Simple PHP Auto-Update System: Hey - Thanks for helping out with that. I would make a small change to your extension sniffer, though: $file_ext = array_pop(explode(".", $thisFileName)); $ext_ignore = array('png','jpg','gif'); if ( !in_array($file_ext,$ext_ignore) ) $contents = str_replace("rn", "n", $contents); Will run better for ya in the (rare, but it happens) event your filename has multiple decimal points. 09/27/2012
  • moddish commented on Simple PHP Auto-Update System: Jarek : the problem is when the script is trying to clean the blank lines, its also modifying images. change : $contents = str_replace("rn", "n", $contents); to : $pieces = explode(".", $thisFileName); if ($pieces[1] != 'png' AND $pieces[1] != 'jpg' AND $pieces[1] != 'gif') { $contents = str_replace("rn", "n", $contents); } 09/13/2012
  • Deow commented on Fix YouTube iFrame Overlay and Z-Index Issues: Thank you sir. 09/06/2012
  • tintinboss commented on Fix YouTube iFrame Overlay and Z-Index Issues: OMG!!! Simply amazing. U know what, google ranking is not good enough yet. This should be the first page first result! Awesome! I spent almost 2 hours for this and finally! this! You rock m/ 07/03/2012

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