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Awesome Firefox Plugins For Web Developers

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I do a LOT of support for other developers, newbies and advanced. One of the biggest questions I get is 'What the hell did you just do!?'. I have a handful of awesome Firefox plugins that I like to use to make myself more efficient when it comes to building and debugging websites. I have compiled a list here for anybody looking for great web development resources. If you want to add anything to this, feel free to add a comment below and I'll make sure you're mentioned!


Of course, Firebug. When people think FireFox and Web Developers, this is one of the first things that comes to mind. Firebug is one of, if not, the most popular web development tools for Firefox. It allows you to inspect HTML code on pages in real time and allows you to modify it on the fly. Unlike simply hitting View Page Source, this allows you to view the page source as it's modified and affected by things like Javascript/AJAX. IT has an incredible Javascript debugger, as well as a bunch more goodies that allow you to quickly and easily tear apart your site and test it for all it's worth. There is a great set of documentation as well as a fully functional support forum. Check it out at

Web Developer Toolbar

By far my favorite and most used plugin for Firefox. This gives you a HUGE handful of tools you can use when browsing sites to quickly tear them apart and quickly tear things apart or just change a setting. You have the ability to quickly enable and disable settings, from cookies to css, broser size, and even images - turning a few menu transitions into a quick click or two. The information bar panel allows you to check out the information on an element, breaking it down to display it's parent objects, child obhects, and physical data - height, width, physical position on the page, etc. It has a handy menu to quickly jump to w3c validator's for CSS/XHMTL/RSS/etc and has a bunch more packed in for you. Check out it's site here.

Domain Details

Domain details is an incredible simple plugin with a lot of use. It places a small icon in the bottom left hand bar of the browser that simple displays links to useful information about the site. The icon itself displays a flag of the country the server resides in, the IP address, then an icon with a pullout window. This window contains the links to useful information such as domain whois, website details ( Server Information ), and more. The plugin was created by Domain Name Details and runs most of it's services through their site. Check it out here.


Screengrab is another simple yet useful plugin I use pretty frequently. It allows you to quickly and easily save a webpage as an image by simply right clicking anywhere on the page and choosing your screenshot type out of the ScreenGrab! menu. You can save the current visible frame, the entire page itself, or just a portion you hand select. It saves images as PNG files you can then quickly send off oto a client or upload to a site. It also handles Flash and Java with no problem. Visit their site at

User Agent Switcher

This plugin adds a menu and a toolbar button to allow you to quickly change the user agent content of your browser. You can essentially "trick" servers into thinking that you are using a browser you aren't. Why is this good? If you are a developer that users conditional code or stylesheets, you can test it out by simply changing your user agent instead of modifying your code to show it off. It allows you to save multiple profiles and comes preloaded with a bunch of useful ones to start with. Check out it's site here.


While I don't use this, a good handful of the developers I work with do. Fire FTP is, "The Free FTP Client For Mozilla FireFox." This plugin will literally insert a fully functional FTP client into your broser, wit functionalities almost mimicking FileZilla. It's free and quick to install. Check it out here.

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